Welcome to You Park Like A C*nt. A site dedicated to the shaming of shithead drivers who either think the world revolves around them or, simply, don’t even think to start with.

We’re not here to say “there’s nothing worse than selfish parking”, because that’s ridiculous. On the face of it, it’s a proper petty 1st world problem. However, when you’re navigating a busy supermarket car park on a Saturday afternoon and find that some cunt has taken the last two spaces, you’d be a stronger person than us to simply shrug and say “oh, silly person”. Fuck that. There’s only one word for them.


YPLAC started in 2011 when a brown Audi TT decided to take two precious parking spots at the London building where we were working. The audacity of it (or “audidacity”, eh? EH?) blew our minds. No attempt had been made to take a single space. It was a big fat middle finger to anyone else who needed to park in the adjacent spot. Anyway, within minutes You Park Like A Cunt was born.

The name of the blog itself was commandeered from a dear friend in America who had recently been a victim of cunt parking. His reaction had been to write the exact same phrase on a piece of paper and leave it tucked under the offender’s windscreen wiper.

We had expected it to be a mildly popular niche blog, perhaps resonating well with our friends and family, so nothing could’ve prepared us for what happened next.

Big shout out to B3ta.com who were immediate big fans of the site and included us on their big Friday newsletter (much to our surprise), and off we went. Viral. Never seen anything like it. Suddenly, what we thought was a pet hate was now spreading like wildfire. A lot of people coming for the pictures, and staying for our liberal use of expletives. Too fucking right. There’s no honesty in portraying cunt parkers with acceptable language. At one point, you could type the word ‘cunt’ into Google, and we’d be in second place only to Wikipedia’s c-word page.

Today, we attract pictures from all around the world. We even had a number of celebrity followers, which is great fun, ain’t gonna lie. But, through the years of running the site, we have learnt to see things through many often-silent victims eyes. For instance, how bad parking affects the disabled and elderly, people with pushchairs or young children, and the emergency services.

Before, we were kinda seeing the blog as a place to have a good swear and point the finger of blame a bit, but now it’s clear that there needs to be a form of activism included in our work. We want to open everyone’s eyes to a problem that is often laughed off.

How can you get involved?

To get involved with YPLAC, you can start by sending us pics of the fuckers that blight your nearby streets. Share the love on your own social media. Oh, and do go ahead and buy our stuff. We have parking tickets, bumper stickers, small stickers, crime scene tape and cable ties. We can also sell all five items as the Ultimate YPLAC Parking Kit. Click here to visit our shop.

Please be aware that a lot of cunt parkers are aggressive little pea-brained fuckers, so please take your own precautions if you’re taking pictures/videos and/or leaving helpful notes on windscreens.

When it comes down to brass tacks, parking cunts need to be shown the error of their ways. Some might be totally oblivious to the danger or inconvenience they’ve cause, and will change their ways forthwith. There will always be other who are blatantly doing it on purpose and still not give a shit.

Either way, these gorgeous official YPLAC bits and pieces are all you need to feel a bit better when confronted with cunt parking.

Be sure to send us any pictures of cunts you’ve seen.