Managed to get a photo of a parking cunt in the wild? Well done, you. This is the place to submit your pic or vid so the rest of the world can see your handiwork. Be sure to write a detailed and sweary (and preferably readable) account of the pic in the box below. And try to use a relevant hashtag so we can clag all the #zigzagcunts (to pick just one example) together in one place at some point in the future.

  • Write the full description of your Post
  • Select a tag for your post
  • See below for some suggestions. Separate tags with commas.

Hashtags include, but aren’t limited to:

Main Hashtags – please choose at least one of these seven

Careless Cunts – #carelesscunt

• Lazy Cunts – #lazycunt

• Dangerous Cunts – #dangerouscunt

• Stupid Cunts – #stupidcunt

• Protective Cunts – #Protectivecunt

• Complete Cunts – #completecunt

• Selfish Cunts – #selfishcunts


Bonus hashtags for extra flair

• I’ll-Only-Be-A-Minute Cunts #onlyaminutecunt

• Half Up On The Kerb Cunts #kerbcunt

• Missed The Space Cunts #missedspacecunt

• 4×4 Cunts #fourbycunt

• Dropped Kerb Blocking Cunts #droppedkerbcunt

• Taxi Cunts #taxicunt

• Double Space Cunts #doublecunt

• School Run Cunts #schoolruncunt

• Corner/Junction Cunts #cornercunt #junctioncunt

• Pavement Cunts #pavementcunt

• Loading-Only Cunts #loadingcunt

• Delivery Cunts #deliverycunt