If YPLAC had a Netflix series, what would it be called?

Submitted to us yesterday and just strengthens our belief that driving/parking needs its own series of prime-time adverts at least. Personally, we’d ramp it up to a 13 episode Netflix series but we’ll take what we can get, TBQHWY.

The show/adverts would contain such wonders as:

Why it’s dangerous to park opposite, on or within 10m of a junction, what those wheelchair signs mean in parking spaces, who and what should be on the pavement, how much damage a team of well-drilled school mums can do to a car parking on yellow zig-zags and how to parallel park so you’re not a foot away from the kerb. We reckon it could be the next Queen’s Gambit.

And, ICYMI, the YPLAC shop is back open after a couple of days of maintenance. Pick up some essentials for the next time you’re denied a space by cunty parking.