YPLAC Variety Mini Stickers


YPLAC Variety Mini Stickers

12 different YPLAC mini stickers to brighten your trip to the car park or wherever

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These mini stickers will have you covered for all your favourite bad-parking carve-ups. Cars parked in cycle lanes, endangering school kids by parking on yellow zig-zags, dumped on double-yellows, taking two spots and plenty more. Even old Lord Kitchener has his say.

Each sheet has 12 different designs, and we’re selling them in packs of 24, 60 and 120 just to make sure you have plenty.

Each sticker measures 40mm in diameter (a bit larger than a 50p piece).

Material: coated paper.

Sticky enough to be a nuisance, but not so sticky that they create any lasting damage.


24, 60, 120