Quick Heads-Up About The YPLAC Shop

Hi all, it’s just occurred to me, YPLAC Chief C***stable, that when I go away next week there’ll be no-one around to fulfill your orders, so I thought I’d better give you a quick heads-up. Manage your expectations and whatnot.

If you want any of my lovely YPLAC merchandise, please order it this week, and I’ll send it straight out.

Basically, any orders that I receive from Monday to Friday next week (31st May – 4th June) will remain unactioned (and unactionable) in my inbox. Nothing personal, I’m just a one-man show here and, frankly, I’m gagging for a holiday. Obviously, any orders that I do receive in this time will be sent out to you on my return as per. Just be aware that there’ll be a delay to your purchase.

I’ll be back, as normal from the 4th June, and shop activity will be back it its usual self. If you have any questions, I’ll be replying to messages received via Twitter, Messenger and email.

YPLAC Ultimate Parking Revenge Kit

So, yeah, get your orders in today! 🙂