Special Offer: TODAY ONLY

As it’s the end of another week, and we’re not around next week to fulfill any orders, we’re running the following offer for TODAY ONLY.

Buy 50 mini stickers, and you’ll get 25 mini stickers extra FREE. Yep, that’s 50% extra FREE*

That’s it. That’s the offer. Get your orders in now. If you get your order in quickly, you might even make the 6pm Friday post. If you’ve already made the same order today, we’ll be sound and give you your free stickers.


*25 stickers to be added to every “50 Mini Stickers” unit sold. Offer only available to orders dated 28 May 2021. Offer can be cancelled whenevs cos I says so. Offer subject to availability (which looks pretty decent at the moment, but if shit goes through the roof I might need to pull it). What else do people put in smallprint? F*ck knows. That’ll probably cover my ass though.