YPLAC is 10!

That’s right. Back on 7th October 2011, we posted this picture in a hastily constructed Tumblr blog that, if we’re honest, we thought we’d have forgotten about within a month or so.

My first post in a brave new world. The world of parking cunts. This shiny…er…brown Audi looked like a big reflective turd in our underground garage at work. Worthy of a first post, but i’m sure there are better ones out there.

But then the lovely B3ta.com got hold of it, shared in in their Friday newsletter, and basically we’ve been snowballing ever since.

So, to celebrate a decade of parking dickheads, if you spend £10 or more in our shop today, we’ll include 50 mini stickers absolutely free! So, yeah, if you buy 50 stickers (£10 exactly), you’ll get another 50 gratis. Just stick #PLAC10 or #PLACThursday in the ordering notes, and we’ll do the rest. No idea how to set up something like that in the shop.

This offer is only available today (October 7th) so take us up on it before we come to our senses.