Obstructing, entitled Audi cunt

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Our submitter here has gone to town with his write-up. Could be a LOT swearier, if we’re quite fucking honest, but we do appreciate that his restraint with his language makes him the better man. Read on.

“I’m on a shared use path (Manchester Road, Cheadle, Stockport) and ahead I can see a parked Audi has pretty much blocked the path. This path is shared use, for pedestrians and cyclists and has a 24 hour no parking restriction.
After weighing up the risks of cycling on the road, which is busy, has a very narrow lane and no dropped kerb for 1/2 mile, I decide the safest option is to carefully navigate past the Audi. Carefully, as in I have very narrow strip of pavement that’s less than the width of my bars to get me and the bike with pannier through. Also I’m really trying not to catch my bike on the Audi’s paintwork. In order not to risk catching myself or the bike on the door mirror, I carefully fold it in. At this point the owner of the Audi makes himself known, by telling me not to touch his f**king car. Now I realise he’s been watching me struggle the whole time and instead of thinking “oh I’m causing a problem here”, he thinks he’s perfectly entitled to dump his car there and have a go at me. (If you’re watching Stockport Council, every Saturday morning). There’s parking available a 5min walk away, so there’s really no excuse. I could see I wasn’t going to get anywhere with the driver, but luckily another cyclist turned up and asked him to move his car. She definitely wouldn’t have got through otherwise. After he moved his car he got told again by a third cyclist. I guarantee his car will be there in future, so I’m uploading this video to show Stockport Council there is a parking problem here.”

Our submitter has even included this video for you to enjoy. https://youtu.be/LLGsqhlljkE

TL:DR? Audi driver behaves like an entitled arrogant aggressive cunt.