The results of yesterday’s poll (“What sort of bad parking do you hate the most?”) are in, and we’re a bit surprised at the result.

Frankly, we thought that the “parking on school zig-zags” was going to be a nailed down winner but no. It’s not even on the medals podium. Congratulations to “Parked On The Pavement” for winning. We clearly misjudged the number of YPLAC fans that are infringed upon on a daily basis by c*nts treating the pavement as their own parking space. Thanks to everyone who took part. The poll appears to still be open, so you could still make your voice heard.

In the meantime, perhaps you’d like to voice your disapproval at your local repeat offenders? Send us a pic or, better still, tool yourself up from our wonderful web-shop. We’ve got all your options covered.