Why block just one space, when you can block the entire car park? Level this c*nt up.

Absolute next-level shithousery here from Hull today (as posted by local MP Karl Turner on Twitter https://twitter.com/ANorrby/status/1406203319958319108).

Who in their right minds parks across an entrance like this. You might’ve done it to quickly post a letter or something like that (not that this is acceptable by YPLAC’s high standards) but to do it and then fuck off for hours to do your shopping, go for a pint or whatever. There’s got to be something wrong with you in the head.

If it isn’t abundantly clear, we added the stickers using Paint 3D – the very limits of our image manipulation skills. However, if you would like some YPLAC stickers, you can buy them here. They’re about the size of a 50p piece, and are a right cunt to get off once placed.